Holistic principles are at the core of everything we do.


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Ayurveda is at the heart of the holistic philosophy of holistic.ly.  Ancient yet timeless, it offers an array of tools to attain and maintain optimal health and well being.


Composed of air and space, vata is dry, light, cold, rough, subtle/pervasive, mobile, and clear. As such, vata regulates the principle of movement. Any bodily motion—chewing, swallowing, nerve impulses, breathing, muscle movements, thinking, peristalsis, bowel movements, urination, menstruation—requires balanced vata. When vata is out of balance, any number of these movements may be deleteriously affected.


Pitta brings forth the qualities of fire and water. It is sharp, penetrating, hot, light, liquid, mobile, and oily. Pitta’s domain is the principal of transformation. Just as fire transforms anything it touches, pitta is in play any time the body converts or processes something. So pitta oversees digestion, metabolism, temperature maintenance, sensory perception, and comprehension. Imbalanced pitta can lead to sharpness and inflammation in these areas in particular.


Kapha, composed of earth and water, is heavy, cold, dull, oily, smooth, dense, soft, static, liquid, cloudy, hard, and gross (in the sense of dense or thick). As kapha governs stability and structure, it forms the substance of the human body, from the skeleton to various organs to the fatty molecules (lipids) that support the body. An excess of kapha leads to an overabundance of density, heaviness, and excess in the body.


Formulated using ayurvedic principles, we offer a wide range of products to support a holistic lifestyle.  They are created using organic ingredients, essential oils and contain no artificial coloring or scent.


Holisticly offers traditional massage and ayurvedic treatments as a primary means of supporting optimal health.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is well known for its healing abilities ranging from relaxation to injury recovery and much in between.

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Ayurvedic Treatments

We offer authentic ayurvedic bodywork and treatments, honoring traditional practices in a modern setting.

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The traditional cleansing practices of ayurveda bring the utmost in detoxification, rejuvenation and healing.

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  • “Annalise’s skills are incredible! Throughout the last four years I have enjoyed her expertise in the art of Ayurvedic treatments such as abhyanga, sarvangadhara, shirodhara, nasya, nadi swedana, and netra basti. Every experience I have with Annalise helps me feel better; her being and sweet nature is nurturing and healing. Thank you Annalise for your great work!”

    Heidi N. TC & Ayurvedic Practioner, AyurDoula, Yoga Instructor, Longmont, CO
  • "I always enjoy and look forward to my massages with Annalise and always feel better afterwards. Annalise is very, very knowledgeable and if you have any specific issues going on almost always knows what to do to fix you. It’s hard to put into words how much I appreciate what she does for me, but I really feel lucky to have such a wonderful massage therapist."

    Brian M. Thornton, CO
  • "Being in the care of Annalise is like being cradled in a mother’s arms, nurtured, supported and led down the right path. Her heart and hands are warm and the healing experience will be one you crave over and over again."

    Gloria G. Kentucky
  • "I have been receiving massages for decades all over the world, and without a doubt Annalise is the most naturally gifted, effective, focused and tuned-in therapist I ever had the pleasure of being treated by. She is thorough, meticulous, calming, and will know your body and its needs better than you will be able to articulate. I am forever grateful for her healing hands and loving spirit."

    Pantea G. Denver, CO
  • "Annalise Ozols has the heart and hands of a healer. She has been known to offer pro bono massage for those in need, who could not afford her treatments. To me this is the true ethic of a healer, one that is unfortunately lacking too often in today’s health and well being industry. Her massage always brought great relief and comfort to me and I am certain that her new treatments, although I have not yet experienced them, are equally as powerful. She is a kind and generous person as well as powerful healer. -With gratitude and respect."

    Bhadra M. Superior, CO
  • "My daughter was an avid gymnast for eight years. During that time Annalise provided massage that helped her recover from injury, obtain optimal performance and relax fully. Now my daughter is a swimmer and Annalise is still helping her. We have worked with Annalise since 2005. What we value most is her soothing and holistic approach to massage."

    Sandy G. Superior, CO
  • "Annalise is simply one of the best massage therapists around. Her massages cure the sources of my aches. I always leave wondering how I can fit more time for massage therapy by Annalise into my life because I always feel so much better afterwards."

    L. Palen Louisville, CO
  • "I have been seeing Annalise Ozols for massage therapy for over five years and she is by far the best therapist I have ever had. She is very thorough and always makes sure she takes care of any ailments I have during a treatment. I know if I walk in tense I will leave completely relaxed. I do not hesitate to recommend Annalise for massage therapy."

    Lisa K. Broomfield, CO
  • "I was treated by Annalise after suffering for a month from an ice hockey injury with minimal improvement. The relief was immediate from her Nadi swedana treatment and within a week there was no sign of the injury. I am grateful to Annalise for her expertise and ability to offer a healing treatment specific to my needs."

    Scott S. Boulder, CO

About Annalise

Annalise graduated from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 2002 with an Associate’s of Occupational Studies (AOS) degree in massage therapy and has worked in the Denver/Boulder area for more than 18 years.  She began studying Ayurveda and Pancha Karma therapy in 2006, received the ayurvedic Pancha Karma and Yogic Shat Kriya certificate from the Rocky Mountain Institute of Yoga and Ayurveda (RMIYA) in 2006 and graduated from the Alandi Ayurveda Gurukula in 2010 as Ayurved Vaidya Visharad (ayurvedic practitioner) and PK therapist.  She is currently a LMT in the state of Colorado. She is the former Pancha Karma Director and practitioner for Alandi Ashram’s ayurveda clinic and continues to teach Pancha Karma related classes for the Alandi Ayurveda Gurukula on an as needed basis.