Ashwagandhadi Tailam


Our Ashwagandha Tailam is well known for its vitalizing properties and has been proven to provide natural anxiety relief, as well as improves muscle tone.

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Ayurvedic Massage Oil for Vata Constitutions and Muscular Debility.’s ashwagandhadi tailam is based on an ancient ayurvedic recipe featuring ashwagandha and including other synergistic herbs to form an oil that is the ultimate in rejuvenation for the muscles and the nervous system.

Ashwagandha is well known in ayurvedic medicine for its vitalizing properties and has been proven to help in treating anxiety, neurological disorders and Parkinson’s disease. Oil massage using ashwagandhadi tailam helps to improve muscle tone, nervine disorders, bodyache, and emaciation.

Directions:  May be used as a daily massage oil or for special applications as directed by an ayurvedic practitioner. Massage into your skin before your shower or bath, paying extra attention to the feet and scalp. Oil massage is typically self-administered prior to a shower so that the moist heat from the water helps the oil penetrate deep into the tissues. When practiced regularly this can reduce or eliminate the need for an after shower lotion.

Ingredients: Organic Sesame Oil, Organic Ashwagandha, Lotus root, Organic Yasthi Madhu, Organic Sariva,  Organic Punarnava, Draksha, Organic Manjistha, Organic Kantakari, Organic Cardamom, Organci Triphala, Organic Mustha

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