Smooth & Slim Oil


Smooth & Slim Oil helps with natural cellulite reduction by invigorating and toning the skin via special herbs introduced directly through the skin.

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Ayurvedic Massage Oil for Weight Maintenance & Cellulite.’s Smooth & Slim Oil is a blend of warming herbs aimed at increasing metabolism, improving circulation, stimulating the lymphatic system and assisting in detoxification.  Excess fat and cellulite are kapha in nature.  By massaging problem areas with Smooth & Slim, kapha reducing herbs are delivered directly through the skin, and to the deeper tissues through regular use, which helps in invigorating and toning the skin.

Directions:  Smooth & Slim is best used in conjunction with a weight maintenance program that includes a healthy diet and regular exercise.  Use a dry body brush prior to application to enhance benefit.  Massage vigorously into thighs, buttocks, abdomen and other areas of excess weight accumulation and cellulite as part of daily oil massage.  Oil massage is typically self-administered prior to a shower so that the moist heat from the water helps the oil penetrate deep into the tissues.

Ingredients:  Organic Sesame Oil, Organic Sunflowe Oil, Organic Almond Oil, Organic Punarnava, Organic Chitrak, Organic Mustha, Organic Guggulu, Organic Bhumyamalaki, Organic Manjistha, Organic Triphala, Organic Pippali, Organic Ginger, Organic Black Pepper, Organic Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Lavender & Clary Sage Essential Oils

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